Thursday, September 11, 2014

LAUSD... LAUSD Why Are You So Dumb

We're getting enough material on the LAUSD to get a weekly segment going. After the last post on their huge failure of an attendance program(on the computer) that doesn't work and that the contract for iPads may have been illegal we have the LAUSD paying to have it's e-mails deleted after a year.

No valid point is given in the LA Times article as to why after a year e-mails need to be deleted by the LAUSD. What was brought up was how John Deasy was caught with e-mails older than a year in his scandal over the iPads.

The cost will be $294,500 to have a Microsoft program delete the files. This deletion program will take money away from the LAUSD budget for something completely not needed. Petty arguments over the cost of maintaining the past e-mails is ludicrous as those simple files or copies of them could easily be kept online for a very small cost. A cost much smaller than $294,500 a year. I'm not sure if you'd break into more than a few hundred bucks a year for such small file types.

Also what specific program to delete e-mails after a year was not specified, but that also seems like a ridiculous amount for such a program.

The LAUSD needs to be broken up and be better maintained. It has had such a high rate of failure since the school year started it should be ashamed.