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Monday, September 1, 2014

Burbank International Film Festival Web Master Still Sucks

The Burbank International Film Festival takes over one of the AMC's in Burbank this year with Tuvok ( Tim Russ) in the mix as always. As every year, since we started covering the film fest, the website for it sucks.

Here the official site
Here's the site where you buy tickets

Those two sites are not directly linked, there's no button on the official site to go to a menu of all the events. You have to navigate indirectly to find all the screenings or the specific one you want if it isn't listed.

Put a tab that reads "tickets" on the official site Web Master or web design company Caspian Services.

Burbank International Film Festival
Sept 3-7
AMC 16
Multiple Burbank Locations

Returning this year are programming blocks of comedy, sci-fi/horror, women directed and animation.