Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rich Children Will Be Dying In LA Time To Tap That Market

Now if any of the rich parents in LA that aren't having their kids have immunizations just did, this wouldn't work. Luckily, they're all too rich and dumb and instead will get expensive massages for their dogs at the elite hotels we have around LA.

The Hollywood Reporter has a lengthy report on kids not getting vaccinated in the rich communities of LA after parents get confused and forgetting they're trying to keep their children alive.

Here's a few quick ways to make some money off these gullible rubes and their soon to be dead offspring:

-Invest in the baby death industry; specialized tiny coffins, children books to cope with death, large blown-up pictures of dead children. It's a fun market to get into, you meet a lot of kids.
-Put your kid in the place of the rich kid near their death. Leave some sort of clue that you're the real parent for the child to find. Make it look like the rich parents stole them from you. Get the money from the settlement. It's best to do this with babies.
-Say your a doctor or have the background knowledge corroborating the idea that vaccines are dangerous, which there is no proof of. It may be painful for you to lie about this as it makes no sense based on all current proof.
-Nathan For You had the business plan of a video service of deceased pets talking to their owners. Switch dead pets to dead children and it'll work.