Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Adventure Time - The Original Cartoon Title Cards: Volume 1 Book Review

 Adventure Time - The Original Cartoon Title Cards: Volume 1

Wow, put that down, no need for violence friend. You'll get your Adventure Time back soon enough. As I right this Adventure Time has been off the air for a few weeks, how unthinkable. While waiting for Finn, Jake, and... Lemongrab, Ice King and other favorites to return to you, why not look into a book? A book filled with  the original cartoon title cards from Adventure Time. Art so beloved from the series that you can purchase them online. Artists from the series give details on how the cards were dreamed up. Creator Pendleton Ward is joined by artists from the show who created the cards including Andy Ristaino, Pat McHale, Nick Jennings, Phil Rynda, and Paul Linsley.

Stories from their title card creations go over paying homages to old movies and book covers to simply screwing up and not understanding what somebody meant.

While looking at the gorgeous art that's shown before every episode you'll learn how sometimes CN censors asked for Jake's intestines not to be coming out of him and other little tidbits where the staff forgets it's doing a kid show.

Title cards with Marceline are proven to always be a little risque with some tension between her and Finn.

With the pages of how the title cards are made come some preliminary sketches to show the process, revealing a finished product good enough to hang in your dorm or by your desk.

The book, ready to leave out to make your friends jealous, has only one problem, only seasons one and two are inside it and we're on season six. Future volumes are due, but some don't want to wait for their favorites episodes.