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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kickstarter Film Fest 2014

It's been... a few days, so let's hear about another film festival in LA. The Kickstarter Film Fest 2014.

 Honestly, if you've made a film and haven't had it shown in LA, you're just lazy.

This free, one-day film fest will showcase films funded from Kickstarter creators and some LA based Kickstarters, not including LA Game Space, which was funded in 2012 and has had no progress since.

You'll be seeing some of the much anticipated "Kung Fury", an ode to everything fun from the 80's with Nazi-fighting time travel with Norse gods. "Night of the Living Deb" let's you enjoy a zombedy from an LA based team.

Acton R RocketSkates will be there to boot. They'll be joined by the always friendly LA Makerspace joined with a mobile hot tub and observatory.

Kickstarter Film Fest
September 12
The Autry in Griffith Park