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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Halloween Update: Please Kill Me, Pull My Teeth Out and Shoot Me

Knott's Scary Farm has shot videos for each of it's haunted mazes this year including

The Tooth Fairy, TTDILA's new favorite.

Not to be outdone, Universal's Horror Nights has commercials for all its mazes too. And this spiffy commercial for Walking Dead fans.

We're big fans of Aliens and Predators, but not the awful movies that came out. So if the maze can borrow from just the good films we might be happy.

Will we have some sort of area dedicated to how Predators only see heat? Will we get trapped Alien victims saying, "Please, kill me."

Shriekfest returns Oct 2-5 to Raleigh Studio's Chaplin theatres
10.00 per block, an All-Fest Pass $140.00

Fourteen years now of indie horror hitting the screen in Hollywood. One weekend is all you have to enjoy Shriekfest. Forty-two films, with shorts from around the world to salivate over.

The LA Premiere of "Time Lapse" has us giddy. In the film some friends find a machine that takes a picture one day into the future and things go wrong after getting involved with gambling.

Zugzwang(US Premiere) has an anesthesiologist make deadly decisions or his family goes bye-bye.

If you want some of the strangest shorts this side of the Dixie then you'll be getting you fill of weird what-the entertainment.

ArcLight Presents 31 Nights of Fright
Oct 1-31
Multiple ArcLights
Cost varies

See classic horror films to more modern takes on monsters with thirty-one nights of scares. The Hollywood Arclight will have midnight screenings and have a scary movie every night of October. The obvious and greatest take is getting to see horror films back in theaters again. The list varies from kiddy stuff to 80's gruesome fests.

Haunted Hollywood Sports
Oct 3- Nov 1 select weekend dates
9030 Somerset Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706
Starting at $29

This is the haunt where you get to shoot at zombies. Take out your gun and shoot down monsters. Now, they haven't had the best reviews in the past. They said they've taking the input and have really pulled it together this year.

If not, can't wait for the Vice hate article, "I shot at people dressed as zombies."

Vice, don't be such a drag.