Monday, September 22, 2014

Gotham Premieres Tonight On Fox, Cancellation Soon

"Gotham", the show about Batman, but doesn't have Batman in it, premieres tonight on Fox 8/7c.

We at TTDILA  see it lasting for three episodes before being pulled for such a idiotic concept.

This ComicsAlliance review of the first episode makes a good point of the show not getting what it's about, just an awkward mess of an idea to cash on the Batman name.

Update: Here's an interview with showrunner Bruno Heller by EW. It goes over many of the changes and complete lack of understanding of the characters of Batman. In the interview he explains his version of Alfred. Alfred is like a marine, something found similar on the three in the morning airing of the Beware the Batman cartoon that cast Alfred as a tough guy instead of a gentleman as well.