Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Legend of Korra Season 4 Oct 3 Nick Doesn't Care Anymore

A video of the show's creators has the announcement of the 4th and final season of Korra airing on and the Nick app starting Oct 3rd and continuing to air new episodes on Fridays. So download it and don't give Nickelodeon anymore money, remember the creators aren't going to be doing anything else with the show.

The speed at which the last season is airing, in no traditional media is amazing. As a network, Nick, which spent millions on the show, would usually sit on a show for a while, even a year to have it shown a certain times to boost ratings; better profit for that quarter. Nick cares so little about that now that they'll be showing the start of fourth season next month.

Nick's hype engine or marketing for the show seems to be awkward videos from middle-aged men in glasses, a guaranteed response of, "Who are those guys?" Letting two men, the show's creators, tell little kids about the final season was another awkward step. Not voice actors or a little commercial, just two older men that younger fans might not even understand are part of the show.

Great for fans, economically it makes little sense that we get the final season now, but how Nick, Disney and Cartoon Network have run shows into the ground when they were completed just leaves numerous questions never to be answered.

Examples being: Batman: Brave and The Bold, Beware the Batman, Generator Rex, Tron Uprising and I'll even go with the unusual airing schedule of Gravity Falls, which next new episode airs Sept 22 and late at night for kids to enjoy.