Tuesday, September 23, 2014

IndieCade 2014 Coming October

With Halloween in the way we have another treat with IndieCade earlier this October in Culver City. The event features independent games and a way to connect and learn with the people and communities creating them. TTDILA will be highlighting some of the games to check out at the event over the next few weeks.

playing with dolls safe for work

 One of them is "How Do You Do It" by by Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, David Coss, and Jonathan Kittaka. As an 11-year-old girl you decide on how sex happens.

With it comes "Hyper Light Drifter", which isn't to far for Alex Preston of Heart Machine based in Culver City, so he could theoretically just park at his office an attend the event. We interviewed Preston not so long ago about his 2D Action RPG with the look of 8-bit and 16-bit classics with modernized mechanics.