Friday, September 12, 2014

Murder LA 000057


Charles Briggs
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This story starts, according to police, with an early-morning argument between 23-year-old Garrett Adams and his girlfriend at a Lancaster residence in the 43000 block of 27th Street West.

Around 3:30am Adams' brother shows up, along with 27-year-old Charles Briggs. News reports will report the two are friends, though Briggs' mother will contest how close they were. At any rate, the two newcomers allegedly attempt to stop whatever fight was happening.

The squabble ends up on the sidewalk, and supposedly Garret Adams happens to have a compound bow and arrow handy, with which he shoots Charles Briggs in the torso.

Briggs leaves a trail of blood down the street until the intersection with W Avenue K8, where he collapses.

Trail of evidence
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Charles Briggs is pronounced dead at the hospital. KTLA has to censor what seems to be a long string of obscenities as a shirtless Adams is taken into custody.

According to the Antelope Valley Times, Briggs' mother is not notified until almost 24 hours later.

Briggs, the only son of Charlie and Charlotte Briggs, was taught by his father to take care of his three sisters. His pastor recalls him as friendly and helpful. He was to start a new job the following Monday.

Garrett Adams is charged with murder. His arraignment, scheduled for September 9th, has been postponed until October.

Garrett Adams
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