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Monday, September 8, 2014

Movie Hype: Tarantino Takes Control

Quentin Tarantino has owned the New Bev for a number of years, but hasn't been programming it. If you checked the calendar for the New Bev September it's off. Tarantino will now take control of the operation and puts what he pleases up.

TTDILA hopes the change comes with some much more seat grabbing features. The New Bev has provided hard to find content for years, but wasn't showing off as much indie films or special events like The Cinefamily.

Coming this October is the New Bev's annual horror marathon. Will it change? Will Tarantino bring in even more exciting horror features.?Will all have to find out if he can run a theater as well as a directing movie.

"Listen, I’ve had a million ideas for double-features and such, for a long, long time. I’ve been holding off, waiting for this moment. I’m going to program the first three months. But then the other people working in the theater can put together the schedule. I’ll always have lots of ideas, but they’re creative, they’re excited, they want to come up with their own thing. But yeah, these first three months will be my perspective entirely." -Taratino

LA Weekly interviewed him about it