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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Simpsons Take The Bowl Possible Details

The Simpsons Take The Bowl have some entertaing updates. Hearing from the show's producers and Matt Groening is boring, but reveals in a LA Times story tell how the bowl will look like it's out of The Simpsons and there might be Krusty Burgers (it could be a joke).

Check the full read here

"The first wisecrack on a recent afternoon was fired by Matt Groening, creator of the long-running animated series on the Fox network. "What is this, the Watergate hearings?" he deadpanned when sitting down with three colleagues to face a reporter on the other side of a conference room table."

Yeah, the Watergate hearings, Matt. Great. Just give him his paycheck and get him out of here.

Tickets for the three day event this weekend.

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