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Monday, May 5, 2014

Kickstarter LA: Last Life, OMORI, Amplitude ...wait for serious?

Last Life

Only heard about this one last minute, this local developer Sam Farmer for Rocket Science has been getting praised all over the net from Tim Schafer to fellow Kickstarter developer Alex Preston. His game sets you up trying to figure out who murdered you in it's own blocky style in an episodic trilogy series. With a complex story of the Earth being over it still clings to a film noir theme.

You can still jump on board for reward, but it was funded.


By Omocat an artist you've seen pop up at more than one LA art show or nearby convention has put her talents into OMORI. This strange looking RPG has also already been funded well past it's goal with days to jump on-board. If you just watch the teaser you can tell this game is going to be weird, not just regular weird, but Japanese weird and the people making are based only as far as West Covina.

 Omoroi will be about a "depress Otaku" taking place in a surreal nightmare like atmosphere.



I honestly was amazed to hear about this one. After the unsettling Rock Band Blitz, Harmonix goes ahead and picks one of my favorite games from the PS2 to bring back for now. Amplitude, the action rhythm shooter game is to be reborn. 

I've kept up with the bands the game introduced me too. Played it hours and hours with friends, even dusting off my PS2 for more games. There's nothing quite like cuasing your friends music track to start getting wobbly and forcing them to play beats out of order.

 The perfect party game might return. As of writing this it has 17 days to get it's funding of $775,000. 

The main question as always as why not get a publisher, why Kickstarter?

The best part the claim of having the original team working on the game, which is hard to see in he game industry where so many grow apart.

Get me one track from Chromeo please!