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Thursday, May 1, 2014

iPic Opens Theater May 2 in Westwood

Thursday evening, the new iPic near the Hammer (free admission for four years) and UCLA (much more costly admission) had an opening party. Filling the theater with special guests and VIPs, Wilshire Blvd was busier than usual. iPic Westwood doesn't officially open to the public until May 2. When it does guests will enjoy high class viewing in this two-story, six theater sister theater to the one in Pasadena with reclining seats and dine-in movie service.

iPic Westwood
10840 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

With a push of a button a server will come up to you during a feature film presentation. The food prepared will not be heard more than how much it is munched or eaten. All food for dining in theater is without knife and fork, so no metal to plate scrapes to ruin the film.Servers lean in and talk to you asking for your order. In the future iPic premium plus seats will have iPads embedded in between them for a full menu option selection.

Seats in orange leather recline with another push of a button. Spaced far enough apart you'll be able to lean back and not bother anyone behind or in front of you.

There's a difference in seating. Each theater's two front rows are premium seating. These seats do not recline, and don't get dine-in service, but are leather. Premium plus seating does let you recline, comes with dine-in service and comes with a blanket and pillow. So comfy the theater-goers next to me might have fallen a sleep.

Admission changes over the week with Thurs-Sat costing you more, prices go up to non-member levels on these busy days. They want your membership, it's free. On average it's $25 for members premium plus seating and non-members $29. Premium seating for members is $15 and $19 for non-members on average. You select your seats online or in person before the show starts. Members get free popcorn service every feature.

The inside is decadent with two Tanzy's, artisanal Italian restaurants, on each floor. The one downstairs is a place to relax, meet friends and grab some food with a bar. An outside area to lounge with heat lamps is connected. The one upstairs is a concession stand, called Tanzy Express, where you can go to grab quick bite before your movie experience. The food provided for the opening party was delicious cuts of beef, cheeses and drinks; including a wine selection that was phenomenal. The food came directly from the kitchen.

No theater is that large, the number 5 can only hold 108. This is by design to never overcrowd an audience.

Sound, in TTDILA's experience was amazing, while listening to the concrete breaking and dub-step of Spider-Man 2 it scared those seating next to us for being to realistic. Picture quality was outstanding.

Is it worth it to you? If you want a finer movie going experience this is the place that outclasses the ArcLight. The only theater like it is the AMC 6 in Marina Del-Ray and it's sister theater in Pasadena.