Monday, February 3, 2014

Justice League: War Reuses Old Backgrounds

Justice League: War
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
If you remember about two weeks or so ago I wrote about the odd stealth release of JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time and theorized it was poorly made or possibly had a more sinister role behind it in an attempt of older animation staff to make themselves look better with JLA War's release. Now JLA War has come out and it is a better film in pacing and style. I'm not going to review it now. I just wanted to bring to light something that caught my eye in JLA War.

I'm a huge fan of the Superman/Batman comic run of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness and was happy to see their first arc adapted for an animated release in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. When I was watching the end of the new JLA War something grabbed me and I couldn't believe it. These were the same ugly backgrounds from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Specifically, the scenes of the White House. I remembered the backgrounds distinctly because I hated them the first time I saw them. They were not very detailed when it came to the crowd.

Checking the credits, both films do share Chun Liu and Wei Zhao as Background Paint.

This is not a good sign on the part of Warner Bros Animation. Reusing backgrounds from a 2009 film on a film released in 2014?

You know who reuses footage from older films? Micheal Bay.

Don't be Micheal Bay Warner Bros. Animation. Don't be Bay.

Justice League: War
Batman/Superman: Public Enemies