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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DWP's Ongoing Saga of Failure

The DWP has been in hot water well before the start of 2014 with it's scandal of an unaccounted 40 million for "safety training"; what is meant by "safety training" has still not been explained. One of many problems including overcharging customers on their bills. The latest problem is with "Estimated bills" around LA. Some DWP payers might notice their bills have been estimated and could have jumped up in price. This comes from a recently put in new billing computer system that seems so deplorable it estimates your bill based on your location with very minimal data. You can fight the DWP on your bill by calling them up and telling them your bill is wrong.

It's ridiculous the DWP is estimating how much you have to pay and leaving themselves open to a major lawsuit for their unfair business practices with new technology made to make it simplier and easier on everyone.

via NBC4