Friday, February 7, 2014

LA Links: Repairs Not IPads, Spilled Milk, Paramount Plastered

 -A Redditor got some shots of the crash at Paramount Studios.

I was standing right there for this. It was terrifying. The driver's body was crushed and he was screaming that he couldn't feel anything. He was begging us to pull him out while the ambulance was on its way, but there was no way that was possible. As soon as the fire department arrived they used the jaws of life to get him out. I hope he's okay. Only thing I heard was that he was in critical condition at the hospital. Apparently it all happened after he tried to swerve around an illegally parked car on Melrose.
-Feb16OH on Feb 6 2013

-A new Facebook group, Repairs Not IPads, focuses on the neglected school repairs of the LAUSD. The point they're trying to make is that putting money towards iPads when the schools in LA are in such bad shape makes no sense. TheiPad program has gotten nothing but bad news since it's roll out with the most recent news of not being able to access LAUSD's full curriculum and not being able to discuss it do to bureaucracy problems.

-A truck driver lost 52,000 pounds of milk on the Glendale Freeway. He crashed and spilled all of it, it went down the storm drains.

-The Metro has started to boarder up station names as they change them to numbers, but forgot to leave any signs up telling people that is happening.