Friday, February 28, 2014

Murder LA 000043

So Miranda Barbour claims to have killed at least one person in Los Angeles. But, of course, she claims to have lost count of all her victims, able to confirm only that there were more than 22 and less than 100.

The 19-year-old's ridiculous claims emerged during a Valentine's Day jailhouse interview which conveniently fell directly in the middle of February Sweeps.

In a nutshell, she gave herself an episodic prequel story. But first the basics: Barbour and her husband, Elytte -- pronounced “Elliot” -- were arrested last December for the murder of an electrical engineer in Pennsylvania. They had only been married a few weeks before the alleged homicide and were apparently living temporarily with Elytte’s best friend.

Police became involved on November 12th, when a resident of Sunbury went to her refrigerator for creamer and spotted a body through a window. It was 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara. He had been stabbed 20 times. The last communication on his phone was with Miranda Barbour, which is pretty sloppy work for a veteran serial killer.

LaFerrara and Mrs. Barbour met through craigslist, where, according to her husband, she would sell her “companionship” for up to $850. Companionship only -- no sexual contact at all.

The always-very-honest Ms. Barbour at first claimed that she was assaulted after picking LaFerrara up in her SUV and blacked out before killing him. Then Mr. Barbour, whose ex-girlfriend called him a “bad liar,” confessed to hiding in the SUV and strangling their victim while his wife stabbed the man.

Then she claimed that after the deed, she went shopping for cleaning supplies for the SUV before picking up her husband to take him to a strip club for his birthday. Elytte said he got the supplies and police confirmed his version through surveillance camera footage.

via Daily Mail
The Barbours both pleaded not guilty of the murder during their separate arraignments last December. But on Valentine’s Day an unsuspecting reporter was treated to Miranda’s bizarre new claims that caused her father to publicly decry her as a lying heroin addict.

Among them, that she was molested as a child. Her mother backs this up, confirming that Miranda’s uncle was imprisoned for this. She also claims to have joined a satanic cult that performed an “in-house abortion” after she got pregnant. After hearing this, her mother took her to a doctor that found no evidence of such a procedure.

It should be noted that Elytte’s ex mentioned that he was interested in satanism and that a copy of the Satanic Bible was seized by police during a search of a roommate’s home -- presumably Mr. Barbour’s aforementioned best friend with whom the couple were staying after eloping. The ex-girlfriend seemed informed about the Church of Satan, which isn’t the form of satanism commonly invoked in popular media. Miranda, on the other hand, sounds like she’s describing satanists straight out of a horror movie or urban legend, performing home abortions and indoctrinating her to a life of murdering dozens of “bad people.” She claims that the deceased father of her 1-year-old baby was high up in that satanic cult and police are apparently investigating his death so we’ll see if the Satanic Cult Planned Parenthood Center pans out.

The LA Times enquired as to the supposed Los Angeles murder and was told it was a vague comment on her part that hadn’t been investigated yet.

When asked on Valentine’s Day as to why she pleaded not guilty, she said she didn’t intend to but her lawyer interceded and did so on her behalf.

Contradictorily, she stated she had no regrets about all the supposed murders, but is speaking about them now because she’s worried she might go on killing if she’s released from prison.