Saturday, February 8, 2014

Adventure Time Time: Card Wars Coming Feb 19

We're so going to Floop the pig!

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The long awaited Card Wars from the episode of the same name is set to come out Feb 19. We've been waiting for it for a long time here at TTDILA and previous reports led us to believe it would be released in 2013. Not only will it be a real card game, but an app and both games can interact with each other.

What you'll be able to get is two boxes. One contains both Finn’s Blue Plains deck and Jake’s Corn-themed deck. The other box contains Lady Rainicorn’s Sandy Lands deck and BMO’s Useless Swamp deck. Players can also create their own decks with all the cards.

The point of the game is to get your opponents points to zero and be declared the Cool Guy, possible the Cool Girl. While playing you'll be able to spend action points on Creatures, Spell and Location for each turn. Some creatures have "Floop" abilites giving you special attacks, while other creatures can help take your opponents points to zero.

Each box should retail around $20. In earlier news future sets were planned, butt nothing new has been revealed on that end. Will probably have to see how well the sets are picked up. Cryptozoic Entertianement is the publisher.

On the other end the soon launching mobile-app comes from D3 Publisher, the long time publisher of all Adventure Time games. It's not developed by WayForward this time, instead it comes from Kung-Fu Factory. Adventure Time: Card Wars is about collecting creatures and there's to be many. The game promises hundreds of creatures, multiple quests and tournaments. Playable characters from play apart, maybe as your avatar or perhaps you'll be facing them in duels. It will be going for $3.99 with in-app purchases.

The pr release tells it to be more like the show's version with a holographic game board.

I'll be sure to remind you when a release date for the app is confirmed.

What's known is that the card game will contain codes for the app version.


-Here's some more details on the box card game. It's two player only, age is recommended at 14, so little kids might not find it as fun.
-Each Collector Pack contains:
2 – 40 Card Decks
8 Oversized Lane Tiles
20 Hit Point Tokens