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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Speed Dating on the Metro Red Line Set At Time People Working

Metro in what will most likely be seen on local news as a bit creepy will have Speed Dating on it's tracks. This Valentine's Day on your lunch break or if you're not working in general get on the Red Line between the hours of 11am and and 1pm. You'll have to signup first by showing I.D. and signing a waiver and proving your 18. You'll be given a wristband and get meet other singles in decorated cars. You can get in at any of the stations along the Red Line, you also have the option of getting off the train if things go bad making the person you just talked to feel really bad. That's a real option Metro suggests.

"Upon boarding, Metro staff will announce that each participant should select a seat of their choice. After 2 minutes, you can remain in your current seat, select a new seat, or get off the train and board another train."

Further details check here

You do have to pay for your ride, but the speed dating is free.

* the clip art for this event truly shows Metro might need to think about hiring a graphic designer. I mean why is the Space Shuttle there? I know we have one, but why is it in there?