Monday, February 3, 2014

3D Printing Closed World

Attending the 3D Printing World Expo I thought of the many useful items that could be made by the machines there and hardly any were shown. A cheap, easily breakable wrench, one stool chair and that was about it. Every booth had the same stupid models of a bust of Yoda or a Tardis and touching any of them would make you afraid how easily they could be broken. What the expo showed is that there's machines and people who want them. It didn't show what use they are to the average consumer. Tthere's no point to have one in your home yet, the market is still to new to be useful.

Could no booth show me a printed tool that wouldn't break under stress and pressure? No, they could not. Table after booth, after table had silly toys on them made of cheap plastic and not one of them showed off any useful printable gear. No one thought of a doorstop? Here's some ugly jewelry; a Pip- Boy from Fallout? A Master Chief helmet from Halo? Cute toys, but not a computer stand or a doorknob or any furniture.

The Medical Exhibit had to be the worst part of the show and had no place being their. Banners with poorly pixelated images on them and some videos being shown? Don't bother setting it up next year unless you have any actual medical printer to show off.

What I saw were toys. I've heard a lot on the practically from models to be used in businesses to making it easier on the prop department here in Hollywood. I didn't see any of that there. A mask or two a mug that feels wrong. Everything that needs to have a post clean-up to shine or to be clean. There's still a long way to go until you should have one for your home. If you just want an expensive toy or are someone who can really manage to build using 3D modeling software then you have choices. For the average person who wants to fix something or lost a Lego you'll have to wait.