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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cartoon Hype: Phineas and Ferb Could Be Over, Bad Dubbing, WAKFU Dubbed

Bringing you cartoon news so you don't have to wonder what happened to Porky Pig and why they were eating so many ham sandwiches at Warner Bros. recently.

-Things are slowing down as production has ceased for long time hit Phineas and Ferb, that technically doesn't mean the shows over, but staff is finding other work. It's rather hard to get a cartoon back and running after being on hiatus with the amount of time it takes to be finished.

A small controversy comes from the source of The Animation Guild’s TAG blog reporting the show as cancelled when technically it's on hiatus.

The Batman has been on extended hiatus for some.

via Cartoon Brew

-Aachi & Ssipak, a Korean animated film with a cult following has been dubbed in English. Sadly, its very poorly dubbed and from none other than the people behind Dick Figures for Mondo Media. I guess licensing it was easy enough, but voice syncing it was hard? That's kind of sad in a town where we have so many sound studios.

Set in a future where mankind can only get energy from its turds, society rewards big dumps with juicy bars, an addictive food source. The plot is about two hoodlums, Aachi & Ssipak and a porn star they pick up. The porn star they pick up, Beautiful, takes massive dumps and get rewarded highly with many juicy bars, making her wanted by many different people.

Look for yourself at the bad dubbing in the film. It will roll out in segments over YouTube or you can buy the full length version on, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

via Cartoon Brew

Dubbing news doesn't stop there. A cult favorite among internet fans, WAKFU, a cartoon series from France about a young orphan who has to save the world will be dubbed as its Kickstarter reached it's goal. In fact the Kickstarter surpassed it's main goal and both Seasons 1 and 2, plus some specials will now be dubbed for home video release. You can still be a part of the Kickstarter and possibly get a better deal on the collection, but it's almost over.