Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Punisher Eats at the Nickel Diner

The Punisher, the long time New Yorker, like so many other Marvel heroes; finally visits LA to take down a drug cartel in the confusingly new numbered The Punisher #1. On his visit through LA with an art and style look like an awesome 70's war movie he visits the Nickel Diner.

You can too, it's a real location with a four star rating on Yelp. You might want to check it out next Downtown Art Walk or when simply visiting downtown. The Punisher visits for breakfast, maybe you should too.

Nickel Diner
524 S Main St 
Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 623-8301

Punisher's LA trip might be happening in the comics for a long arc and if he continues to visit real LA places we'll continue to tell you about them.

For more of the comic reader, Punisher might be having trouble with an elite team of soldiers who have tracked him in LA. Remember, he isn't liked or seen as a hero to much of the law so he'll have to watch himself around the LAPD, even though he might have befriended a cute officer.

Two of my favorite parts of this issue were Frank's (The Punisher) new longer hairstyle and beard, and him complaining about traffic.

Looking forward to more of Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads' run.

Be on the look out for Ghost Rider#1, also set in LA with a new Latino Ghost Rider who drives a car this time. We'll have a post on that too when it comes out. Oh, Marvel why don't you just copy DC and create a Muslim hero and uh, is also ... I don't know a girl.

Wait, they did that?