Saturday, February 22, 2014

Marvel Fan Event All Hail The King

Marvel is having a special fan event Monday, Feb 24, here in LA at the Arclight Hollwood. They'll be showing the All Hail The King short from the upcoming Thor 2 release and director Drew Pearce and Ben Kingsley "The Mandarin" will be there! They'll be doing a Q & A and if I know my free events, I'm guessing free special edition t-shirts for those who attend.

Wanna go? You have to pick up Thor's Hammer, yeah let that sink in.

 Before the screening Thor's Hammer will be outside of the Hollywood Arclight, pick it up win last minute entry, no times given, I'm guessing day of.

The other way.This Saturday, Feb 22 you can pick up passes at Golden Apple, no times given. There having a un-related event between 1pm and 3pm, it might be the best time.

Good luck and I'll try and see if there's any other ways in.


Looks like it was fun and showed of ten minutes of Cap 2