Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Happens at the #IAMSORRY Project Shia LaBeouf

I've read a few experiences now on what happens at the #IAMSORRY Project Shia LaBeouf. The "art project" where you may meet Shia LaBeouf and it is Shia or at least was today.

#IAMSORRY Project Shia LaBeouf
February 11-16th from 11am-6pm
7354 Beverly Boulevard

Andrew Romano of the The Daily Beast snapped a photo of the "actor" today at his experience.

To experience this new oddity you'll line up outside, be patted down by security then meet an artsy looking women with a table of objects to choose from, some of the items references to LaBeouf's career.

Here's what you can pick up a whip (Indian Jones), an Optimus Prime Action figure (Transformers),  a bowl of Hershey kisses, pliers, Daniel Clowes’ Death Ray comic (Shia stole the plot from it for an online short video), a pink ukelele, a bottle of Brut cologne, and a bowl of tweets on paper slips.

You pick one item and enter a room with Shia in a tuxedo with a paper bag on his head. Written on the bag, 'I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE'. Then do whatever you like.

Legally, remember what can be an offense is an offense.

Two posts from different writers who went split off on feelings of the art project. One feels like they connected with a human being on some sort of level; the other thought of it as a meaningless act.

Warning, pictures are supposedly not allowed inside, but that didn't stop one writer from taking a snap with his iPhone.