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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Twitch Plays Pokemon Develops Religion Around Helix Fossil

Mere days after starting Twitch Plays Pokemon, an online version of the original Pokemon game controlled by anyone using chat on the page, a fan religion has developed around the Helix Fossil, an item in the original game you can use to bring an extinct Pokemon back to life. The Helix Fossil, now referred to by fans as the Almighty Helix Fossil, is worshiped and listened to by fans mocking how often it is picked in the in-game menu item system. It's one of the many in-jokes developing in a subculture that didn't exist a week ago.

As previously reported, with so many people being able to play at once, most of the actions of the game's Pokemon trainer are as though he is being controlled by a vengeful and insane Almighty Helix Fossil.

New found fandom has spread across the internet as seen with fan art and video below.

It's amazing to see a community grow out of an internet phenomenon tied to a childhood game. There's already a Twitch Plays Pokemon subreddit and Twitter group.

There seems to be a strategy amongst fans, or optimism of planning what to do next in the game at the same time a great fear of how easily everything could go wrong. I'll have a much longer update on this game as the way it's been played and evolving.

Pokemon at the Getty: Gym Leader Tournament! 
happening Saturday, February 22, 2014, 3:00pm - 8:30pm at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles
1200 Getty Center Drive . It's Free, but parking nearby cost $15 and after 5pm $5. Maybe, the combined efforts of so many Twitch users will have beaten the game by then. Bring a computer to watch how Twich Play Pokemon unfolds online.