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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#IAMSORRY Project Shia LaBeouf's Creepy As Hell Art Torture Project Starts Today

A press release for Shia LaBeouf just came out today about an art project where you'll be able to prod him with implements here in LA. Initially, I thought today's fight against the NSA online was actually against Shia LaBeouf due to a e-mail I misread. I kind of wish it was.

Doubtful it's real and possibly artists he hired have made dummies of Shia to hit. No photos have hit the web just yet, you can check it out today and over the weekend.

We'll update with images later; free stuff week right? First, Dumb Starbucks, now this.

#IAMSORRY Project Shia LaBeouf
February 11-16th from 11am-6pm
7354 Beverly Boulevard