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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Punisher Drives the PCH

Continuing in TTDILA's new series of covering where The Punisher goes in his new comic book series by writer Nathan Edmonson and artist Mitch Gerads; transplanted to LA following a Mexican cartel, the Dos Soles, The Punisher finds himself on the PCH with shocking results.


In The Punisher #2, our favorite killing-is-ok hero is driving his merry way on a uncluttered Pacific Coast Highway, better known to locals as the PCH when an "old friend" with a new look; like out of a yet unreleased Spider-Man movie, shows up and totals his vehicle.

The PCH is set across the coast line of California leading to some of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and hillside splendor. It's a route to countless beaches to soak up the sun. Tourists are found on it exploring the beauty of California. If you travel beyond LA's beautiful adjacent beaches you'll end up in San Francisco if you go further down it until it becomes different named highway.

The prominent Getty Villa with a boundless amount of art and artifacts is own it's path with man opportunities for extravagant seafood.

What many don't talk about is how long it is and at some points nearly impossible to turn around at. There's just you two lanes in opposite directions the ocean on one side and mountain on the other at certain points. You ain't making a U-Turn.

For those who just want to experience the drive and the sun it can be its own journey.

Punisher's journey has only just started. AIM, those band of evil scientists, have sold the Dos Soles cartel a new weapon for a fight for control of the city. Punisher might have been found out about by Dos Soles weapon's deal, he was watching it unfold, if not for a wild coyote taking a bullet for him. To pay him back he made the coyote his pet. The Punisher now has a pet Coyote, named Loot, short for Lieutenant. Did this series just get a little adorable?

In El Segundo, the Dos Soles cartel start causing trouble and Punisher shows off his new look. He's wearing a ski mask with a skull on it, probably to hide from his new lady cop friend he keeps chilling with at The Nickel Diner. However, The Punisher's face is known to most cops. He doesn't have a good secret identity, people know who he is, but hey, he does have a new laid back haircut which might fool them.

El Segundo doesn't have any prominent locations shown in it in the comic, the cartel and Punisher do go through some undetermined movie set, which is a constant occurrence here in LA.

Other than a new dog, new ski mask and new old friend coming back the only other stand out of the issue is that Punisher's weapon guy has been tagged by a new version of the Howling Commandos, an American special ops unit, who have been sent to take out the Punisher.

Let's hope the Punisher visits some more downtown locations next time readers.

*Punisher is wearing a T-shirt with a Hawkeye logo on it. A girl Hawkeye, happens to be in LA too in the Marvel U, battling Madam Masque. I wonder if will see a team-up later on or some sort of a story connection.