Friday, February 14, 2014

Game Hype: Petit Love Illustration Book, Sonic Boom, Dogs Watch

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Pokemon Love

A little late for a Valentine's Day Gift. I wanted to showcase the

Petit Love Illustration Book
Book is 12 pages with 8 illustrations,
printed on #100 gloss cover stock.

from  Pika ★ Chi Double, who did those great Christmas Pokemon cards I wrote of in late November.

Here short book contains love scenes from Pokemon and the pocket monsters at their cutest. A charming special item for the Pokemon connoisseur.

Sonic Boom, Sonic's New Look

The new look of Sonic has been of some controversy since it's announcement with the new series Sonic Boom. Sonic looks like he now belongs in the same universe as Nathan Drake. This makes sense as the people behind the new design created Nathan Drake.

Something Awful takes it a step further in

Sonic's Scarf Changes Everything

which they say comes from Sega.

Watch Dogs No Longer To Be Called Dogs Watch

In a still not entirely clear chain of events someone falsified the signature of the CEO of Ubisoft to lose the trademark of their upcoming game Watch Dogs, a cyber punk future about hacking information. Hey, that's kind of funny as they were kind of hacked.

Still unknown is who falsified a document to lose the the trademark or why. Ubisoft did fire their lawyer in the process and took new legal counsel.

The abandonment of trademark was resolved in a few days, however there is still the question of who did it. I doubt it was for viral marketing to tie into the game.