Monday, February 10, 2014

Adventure Time Time: Allegri Ain't Gonna Be There, Poster Collection

Natasha Allegri of Adventure Time and Bee and Puppycat fame is suppose to be a part of Hero Initiative's Get-A-Sketch Day at Golden Apple Feb 22. For a long time fan of her work I know that she hardly ever shows up to events. She's a wonderful artist, and a total chicken. I'll be Biff from Back to the Future and you should hear some bwak sounds in your head, When it comes to meeting new people she can't handle it. I could be wrong. If so, please take a picture of her with this post in the background, printed or on an open computer and I'll send you and Adventure Time goodie. Or get a sketch of her's saying I'm wrong.

Send it to conteststtdila (at)

Here's an interview with ComicsAlliance Allegri had over Bee and PuppyCat.

Adventure Time: A Totally Math Poster Collection (Poster Book):
Featuring 20 Removable, Frameable Prints

Abrams is releasing a poster collection of Adventure Time art this March. The collection will
be able to beremoved from the book for easy framing. Much of the art seems to come from
the art shows and special edition comic covers from boom. Pieces from Olly Moss and
Tony Millionaire are to be apart of it as well.

  New episode tonight, check local listings
 Update: Jessica DiCicco, voice of Flame Princess, will be doing an AMA on 2/12/14 @1pm PST, 4pm EST