Saturday, February 8, 2014

Aled Lewis' Such Pixels Gallery Up

 You Can't Park The Animal Over There. It's Illegal

Hello, Blazing Saddles reference!

Aled Lewis' Such Pixels Galley 1988 show is online. Sadly, you can't see the $20,000 tapestry of the Star Wars saga from Episode 1 through Episode 6 in the best quality. The piece was hand-stitched and quotes from the series are written in Aurebesh(?) on the surrounding border. The Coruscant Tapestry must be seen in person for now.

The Gang Gets Street Justice

inspired by It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Damn, now I wish he was made art director of their video game.

Biggie vs 2pac
Here's one from the Vs series, there's a lot more.