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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anime Hype: Blue Exorcist on Toonami, Tiger And Bunny in Theaters

A breakdown of all things anime so you don't have to look around the net

Blue Exorcist
 - Blue Exorcist TV Series is hitting Toonami Feb 22. Blue Exorcist is a about  Rin Okumura a young man who wants to become an exorcist. Did I mention that his Dad is Satan? That's not the biggest conflict going on. This series is more for the female viewer, but it does have a lady who wears a bikini top to work.

Blue Exorcist has a lot of hype behind it at the recent Anime Expos of LA, let's see how it does on television.

-Tiger and Bunny The Movie: The Rising will hit US theaters for a short release in March. Out local Downtown Independent is scheduled to start showing it March 14, no link is up to buy tickets at the time this was written. Those who go to the first showings get a free 12" x 18" premium cardstock movie poster and while supplies last, an exclusive movie clear file. Tickets will go for $15, cheaper than an Arclight movie playing on the weekend.

A complete list of screenings and theater locations is available at:

-Familiar of Zero will be back for home release through Section 23 Films A magical girl summons her familiar, a Japanese boy. It was suppose to be a magical pet, not a boy. Out April 8 on DVD and Blu-ray retail between $60 and $50.