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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kickstarter LA: Inkstuds Interview Roadtrip Bonanza, LA Cat Cafe "Catfe?", Nuts & Knockers

Inkstuds 500 Interview Roadtrip Bonanza

Inkstuds in LA with a tour interviewing some of the best known indie comic makers out there. Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham of the Inkstuds podcast have been interviewing all sorts of comic artists now they want to take a tour of LA and have a live interview with three of the top artist in the area. Jamie Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame has been revealed as one of their guests already. The tour of the LA area will allow them to interview even more comic artists along the way and it will all be documented with multiple podcasts and The Tour SketchBook. The Tour SketchBook will feature sketches by Brandon Graham and photos and info by Robin McConnell. The book will only be available as a reward in the Kickstarter.

There's more rewards the higher you go up including a T-shirt and more signed goodies.

Brandon Graham, you might recall him from his ongoing ever-changing comic sci-fi drama of Prophet and Multiple Warheads.

The Kickstarter alread reached it's goal, but you may want to get on board with the goodies still available. Here's a few tweets by Brandon Graham hearing about the success.

Cats! Cafe! Let's Bring a Purrfect Combination to LA!
Meoo-what? The sight that has made many American jealous of the Japanese might soon becoming to LA, a cat cafe. You might one day be able to play with cats as you drink a latte at a cat cafe or catfe for short.

Created by Carlos Wong, the Kickstarter for an LA based cat cafe might end up in Little Tokyo or Santa Monica, but Wong is still searching. Mr. Wong has already gotten approval from the LA Health Department as long as the play area for the cats and the kitchen is separated.

The plan calls for sheltered cats only, giving them another chance to get picked up by prospective owners.

TTDILA has many concerns including: not already having a real location scouted out, what skills Carlos Wong has to run the business and the sheer hell of getting the place Ok'd by LA's many different organizations. No matter what location, the plan of 6 months after getting the money having an opening is a dream as adorable as a kitty.

*Hey, whatever happened with LA Game Space?

LA Weekly got the drop on this one fast

Nuts & Knockers: A Hilarious Party Game for (im)mature crowd

Billed as a take on Cards Against Humanity, we have a new game making fun of the opposite sexes. Nuts and Knockers features a new card game where your questioned and your answers depend on what sex you are. Get the male-centric blue cards if you're a guy and the pink ones if you're a lady and find yourself laughing to the responses of each sex. Then vote on the best answer.

This is not an LA based endeavor, but still worth a mention for a new battle of the sexes. Oh, I hope the add a transgender deck as an extra for preorders.