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Monday, February 3, 2014

Drumming Up 3D Printing

He's name is Brooks Drumm, he has kids, a wife and his own 3D printing company. When you first see Drumm you think of a tattoo artist or a drummer in a rock band. You don't think he's in charge of his own company making 3D printers.

 Drumm was bored with his job back a few years ago. He wanted more and was going to sell his car, mortgage the house and beg everyone he knew for loans. Then he suggested a Kickstarter to his wife instead. She decided to go with that. Asking for only $25,000 to start his business he got $830,827, a record at the time on Kickstarter to start selling his cheap and low-cost 3D printers.

 He's voice was of both the consumer and seller when he talked. We all listen at the seminar introducing newcomers to 3D printers he was a speaker at. He joked and connected with the audience over cost versus quality. He had a way with words and pumped the audience at the seminar. Back on the show floor he was always stuck in conversation with attendees.

You can check out his printer here Printrbot

Drumm like so many other businesses at the event go around the banks and investment groups for loans, they go straight to the people with Kickstarter. Kickstarter's name was repeated again and again by businesses at the event. To my surprise many businesses that seemed more than credible and have shown great business savvy are still going back to Kickstarter. One such as Sixense known for their video game tracking hardware.

These businesses will continue on their path through Kickstarter as long as their is a demand for them and their continues to be a demand for 3D printers.