Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Annie Awards 2014 Not A Cold Reception

If you read any other site about this year's awards you might have read how Frozen iced the competition or it snowed on everybody else. So many bad jokes.

Shout out to CBS's lazy news team for posting an AP story using an image from the 2010 Annie's in their short post about the award ceremony.  Isn't Perry Chen cute! D'aw!

Frozen mercilessly killed the competition with Frostbite slowing freezing their competition as body parts of theirs turned black and rotted off; that's how you use ice metaphors other site! Frozen won some of the top honors. Frozen won Best Animated Feature and Directing in an Animated Feature Production with co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Look forward to a red carpet interview with them in a later post and some singing. Frozen's other wins include: Production Design in an Animated Feature Production with Michael Giaimo, Lisa Keene, David Womersley;Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production, Josh Gad as the voice of Olaf. Lastly, Music in an Animated Feature Production with Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez and Christophe Beck all for Walt Disney Animation, not Pixar. People forget that.

Cloris Leachman (Grandma from Malcom in the Middle) and Tom Kenny (Ice King) were priceless as presenters that evening. Cloris Leachman's 60's pop art dress nearly stunned us all, but a young German women winning best student film set the mood of the night. She was sitting behind me in the crowd and lept up and screamed with joy when she won. She rushed so much to the stage she lost her shoes. Cloris Leachman decided to give her a big wet one and fuss with her hair as she tried to give her acceptance speech. Cloris didn't stop with her and many winner felt her hands on their heads and in their hair.

Later, the great animator Phil Tippett whose works include RoboCop and Jurassic Park made us all almost relinquish our bowels over our teeth collectively. He told us he might throw up after having some bad Humus and told us a tale of how Steven Spielberg as a child made a theater throw up without having to watch A.I. Artificial Intelligence. At moments he did almost seems to let something come out, but managed to keep it down. He won a well deserved life-time achievement award, the Winsor McCay Award. No one offered him Mylanta.
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