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Monday, August 5, 2013

Adventure Time Encyclopaedia Signing It's Reading Time!

Martin Olsen voice of "The Lord of Evil"
Pen Ward creator of Adventure Time and Olivia Olson the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen
Tom Kenny the voice of the Ice King
Martin sitting
Chillin with Finn hats

The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia signing at Wacko on Hollywood Blvd was a terrible event with much sadness and babies crying. There were so many tears that were shed a flash flood occurred trapping a family of five in their car and the husband and wife were already at ends. Their divorce drew ever closer. The end.


In fact, that story was lie. A grand lie of what really occurred and opposite of what happened. Adventure Time fans in fact had a grand time at Wacko, the eccentric shop with all sorts of fascinating things inside with an art gallery thrown in for good measure. This occurred last Saturday thanks to none other than "The Lord of Evil" Martin Olson with cast and crew from the show and those who helped create the Encyclopaedia, spelled wrong on purpose.

Review of the book here

A line running outside of the building with lawn chairs and Finn hats waited for their books and belongings to have graffiti put on them by not only "The Lord of Evil" but also his daughter Marceline the Vampire Queen. Olivia Olson. Pen Ward, creator of Adventure Time in beard and turned backwards JPL cap would draw a fat tubby Jake or perhaps Finn's head on your stuff. They were joined by the always hysterical Tom Kenny, voice of the Ice King who would make you laugh as his signed items.

Throughout the seven-hour event, yes seven hours and not all of that was signing time, there was a transition of people signing in and out. Jeremy Shada, voice of Finn joined the signing with Flame Princes, Jessica DiCicco. Jessica was joined by Hynden Walch, better known as PB or Princess Bubblegum. Kent Osborne head writer for Adventure Time joined in too. Illustrators from the actual book were writing off their names, Celeste Moreno and Aisleen Moreno with the editor of the book Eric Klopfer. The artist behind "The Fries that Bind" took a stab on the table too.
First signers, yeah looks like the Apostles picture

Mr. Pig , formerly just called Pig was in on the action. You could hear the booming voice of Ron Lynch, Mr. Pig from across the room. Maria Bramford who does multiple voices on the show showed up briefly. Justin Roiland, Lemongrab made an appearance too. As did Rebecca Sugar a former favorite storyboarder for the show.

So remember to love John DiMaggio, voice of Jake, a little bit less for not showing up to the event. Same goes for Lady Rainicorn/ BMO voiced by Nikki Yang.

As the never ending chorus line of T-shirts from Mighty Fine and the internet depicting Finn and Jake as babies or as video game sprites made it's way into Wacko the signing went on. The cast and crew who did make it spent their time talking to fans who had no idea so many of them would show up. Really, there was no one else confirmed but Martin, Pen and Olivia with Tony Millionaire who came late in the day. After chatting with a few fellow fans I realized there were all in shock of how many members of the AT family showed up, except for of course Jake and LB.

Raffles giving away Adventure Time Prizes were handed out every hour or so. Those weren't the only rewards for fans. The signing stopped for interludes including a reading of the book by Mike O'Connel, who when I asked about by the staff was answered with, "I'm not sure." This was followed by a trailer for the book and special videos. Later, Olivia known for her musical voice delighted fans by signing with Captain Danger, with closing words from The Lord of Evil. After that was of course a free party open to everyone.

A video of the event shall soon be here on the site, until then check out the huge gallery of photos from the event below.

the wait outside in the shade

Hynden Walch