Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Guild - The Official Companion Review

The Guild - The Official Companion

In this book we follow Felicia on her quest as she levels up and gains XP to overcome the odds against her. From the struggles of trying to pitch her show to the higher ups (PvP), to not having sufficient cameras and equipment (looting); the book details the struggles and successes behind the web series. Felicia Day begins the book with a touching introduction and covers lots of ground thereafter. 

The book is organized according to each season of the web series. Each of The Guild's character's are fully detailed and expounded upon.  From Bladezz to Zaboo, every character has built a life and persona of their own. We are guided through everything from the writing of the show to the props they have used. The quest of The Guild may have ended but their adventures live on in this book and the continuing comic series. Which has had wide success and was even featured during Free Comic Book Day a few years ago. 

Whether you spend hours looking at the pictures and minutes reading it, this is a must have for any fan of The Guild.