Monday, August 26, 2013

The Fallout of Anime Explosion

by ARG

Did you hear that? In the faint distance it sounded like an explosion, an ANIME EXPLOSION!
Have you ever wanted a mixture of Art, cosplay, and general Otaku Gaijin goodness? Good news you've come to the right place! It was located in a quaint hole in the wall in the heart of Korea town.
The Agit Gallery is a great place to be if you love Japanese culture.Anime Explode took place on July 26th to August 2nd from 6:00 PM to midnight.
 I was lucky to be one of the many artist featured in the Anime Explode art show.
Although the art show had a collection of styles it was predominantly the anime style.
As I mingled with different people in the art show I met fellow artists and interesting faces.
The maids provided a much needed service that added further to the atmosphere of being at some kind of mini Con.The art might have brought you in, but the Otaku comedy and the live music kept you in.
With a mixture of hilarious comedians and talented bands; what was not to love?
  The show was very fun to be a part of and given the opportunity I would glad be do it again.
From Art to comedy, it had a wide selection of things to do and see. Zero the organizer did a fantastic job at bringing people in to the art show. Not only that but he gave them a reason to stay.
The debris of the Anime Explosion may have settled but the fun lives on in our chubby Otaku hearts!

A crowd gathers for the music.
The selling table.


My work FireStarter.