Friday, August 30, 2013

Game Hype: Lost Planet 3 Logs, DuckTales Remastered I'll Finish Some Day

Don't look for anymore DuckTales Remastered logs coming up on the site anytime soon. Perhaps, a post simply saying I finished the game somewhere in the future. DuckTales Remastered brought back the crazy, nonsensical platformers of yesteryear into the grasp of a new generation that didn't grow up with the show. It did a wonderful job with new graphics from WayForward and even felt like a lost episode of the show with the real voice-actors coming back.

I'm now stuck on the very last boss. The poorly named Dracula Duck, not Duckula, but Dracula Duck, which would be Dracula Human if the planet were ruled by ducks. Luckily, ducks haven't taken over yet, be careful there smart creatures. Dracula Duck's insane patterns of becoming giant and biting me, becoming a dragon and making a wall of bats has knocked my Scroogey ol'd butt too many times. I want to save the day and save me' boys from Magica, but I have to jump on two bats before bonking on D' Duck's head.

Until then, I'll wait for that special cut scene.

Over at Mondo you could get some  special posters based on DuckTales, but there already sold out it seems.

Lost Planet 3 Logs


Currently, I'm trapped in a room with some Akrid deer who won't stop bugging me! Trapped to repay a life debt in a society that's only been away from earth for 40 years. So the concept of life debt seems a little unsound as they weren't a group of Indians trying to settle in space. Trapped with these annoying bug deer all because a cute girl saved my life from her crazy Dad and sadly I'm still married. Wait... just something about my grandchild. Did I mention that the game is taking place in the narration of me as an old man dying with my grandchild listening? I may have forgotten due to all the rocks falling on me. Still in vivid detail I tell my grandchild stories of me on this miserable planet filled with giant bugs. Earth is suppose to be awful in the future. Still would seem better than a planet covered in ice filled with giant bugs!

Oh, Lost Planet 3 the prequel ... oh, oww. Let me just turn down The Shining creepy rain music for a second so I don't blow out my ears. Every time! I'm in a corridor or with some tiny bugs, wah wah "creep music". Love that music. You can invent new creepy music too y'know. On the side of music, the giant robot rig I pilot plays it from time to time. Jim Peyton, who I'm playing as can do little to choose when the music is played and for the times I'm walking stepping on bugs I would have liked too. No, for some unknown reason my music player will not work at certain times. Don't put in the feature Spark, unless someone can customize it. Even if Jim has to put down some in game currency, which is now T-Energy, sweet orange Akird blood that happens to pump through the planet to buy some tunes.

The game is a new take on the series with a linear story that makes sense this time. In many ways it does feel like a prequel with all the tech you love at an earlier time when it wasn't as cool. I'm stuck in a see of conspiracy and what seems to be a more linear plot to follow coming from an American developer, just not a great plot. It's sort of like Tom Cruise's recent sci-fi flick. It has the action and has some great scenes, but it won't be anyone's favorite sci-fi film. At least this game has no ties to New York so far like that same  Tom Cruise film.

So we lose the convoluted and different perspective story of Lost Planet 2 and the "I have amnesia" plot from Lost Planet 1 for a okay sci-fi tale in the prequel.

More logs to come with more depth in gameplay and overall story happenings.