Thursday, August 8, 2013

Everything Is Festival 4 The Dreamquest Returns This August To The Cinefamily

If you want to see things, such things better not seen by human eyes than look no further than the Everything is Festival, I guess no longer called Everything Is Terrible Festival. Guess whose back in town? Thu Tran from Food Party! After a show of eating a McDonalds meal, eating it and spitting it out then passing it around, it may be hard to top. Top it she must with a freaky projected maze?

Aug 15 10:00pm - EIF Talent Show (feat. Thu Tran, Wham City, & more!)A weird and wonderful talent show including acts like the Food Party duo of Thu Tran and Matt Fitzpatrick.

 "A Maze From Hell: an experimental projection experience containing a virtual maze, death traps and light puppets, all set to an original minimalist electronic score"

For the gamer they have "EIF: Cinefamily's Most Outrageous Video Games" showing horrific game kills, sexy game scenes, the worst games ever made and really bad cut scenes. After they'll have the Island Of Misfit Video Games open upstairs to try out some of the worst games ever made.

Aug 14 8:00pm - Most Outrageous Video Games
  • Screened footage and live game-play with the audience, culminating in an extravagant Rock Band party

Aug 17 9:30pm - Fox's Animation Breakdown High-Def Pizza Party (feat. Power Violence & Yacht
A pizza party featuring exclusive content and premieres from Fox's new animation programming block ADHD + a live performance by conceptual pop duo YACHT and the comedy stylings of the LA-based troupe Power Violence. There's so much more with partial celebrity guests and the level of insanity you get with The Cinefamily.

Check the full schedule events here

Everything Is Festival 4 The Dreamquest
August 12-19