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Monday, August 12, 2013

Returning To Duckberg: A Series of Entries On DuckTales Remastered Part 1

Just started playing DuckTales Remastered. WayForward and Capcom have brought it back with the right color tones of the characters based on the show, unlike the original done by the Japanese. It has a total nostalgic factor hearing the real voice actors from the show again and the theme song. The game keeps up with the bizarre choice of Scrooge McDuck jumping on Beagle Boys and other enemies with his cane. I guess the original creators thought throwing money at Scrooge's problems wouldn't make sense or the never heard of that saying leaving in Japan. We don't have the same sayings.


It's simple enough, jump in the air and hold X or B to keep hopping with your cane. Hop on gorillas, snakes, bees and others to stop them. As Scrooge you can also walk up to an item on the ground like a rock or platform hold X and launch it at an upward enemy or across the ground for a better jump.


Trying my second level as the Amazon was easy enough and then got drastically harder. I'm collecting coins to put into what Launchpad calls a "ancient Mayan poker table". I'm sure it unlocks a boss fight and the first bit of treasure I'm trying to collect. No idea where two coins are and I'm having to back track looking for them. Sometimes these games weren't designed that well and it's hard to find everything, it's not as linear as you would believe.


I didn't have to choose the Amazon, I could have chosen multiple levels from the start.


So far the game is great remake, problem is NES games weren't that easy. Some might complain the game doesn't have that many levels during their reviews, but mastering them might take some time.

Jumping into  the money bin is nice touch, I assume it will fill up after I beat more and more levels.

More entries to come as game is completed.

DuckTales: Remastered launches on August 13 on PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC, and on September 11 on Xbox 360!

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