Tuesday, August 27, 2013

High School DxD: The Series Quick Review Fan Service Demon Style

High School DxD: The Series

As I wrote during the the recent review of Haganai, also from Funimation and a harem anime, this is a fan service show. Low on story big on boobs, High School DxD holds it's names for the bra size of double D. Your typical loser high school, Issei Hyodo dies. He's resurrected as a "devil" , a way that he has super powers, and now works for the red-haired raven with big bozangas Rias Gremory.

The show is immediately fan service above all else. Showers where showers shouldn't be. Nudity as a power, constant dirty thoughts and of course slimes that happen to melt off clothes make it close to hentai, but no one is caught doing the nasty. Any battle that goes on too long has clothes being destroyed or a transformation where clothes come off. So if you just want naked ladies you have another show in that vein from Japan.

The real story centers on Issei starting to work for Rias Gremory as a newly reborn devil after being killed by a fallen angel. He meets her other devils and works along side them trying to make pacts with humans. Along the way Issei fails to rescue a thrown out of the church nun. The cute blonde nun, Asia Argento gets resurrected by Rias Gremory as a devil too and lives in Issei's house, which at first bewilders his parents as he is such a pervert. Rias mentions Asia would make a concenting wife and they let her stay. I mention Asia as she became my favorite of the series. As a former nun in attempts to pray to G-d she instantly gets painful headaches, same thing happens when she tries to read the bible aloud. She's your stereotypical dumb blonde that trips over and needs to be saved. There's more girls to ogle and a the end credits are them at a strip club dancing for you and up on a pole.

Stereotypical might be the fast write-off of the series, with too much happening at the end. Another team of devils fighting team Gremory has catgirls to busty priestess subgenre of anime girls and all in-between. The series is saved sometimes by Funimation's reversion team with total rewrites on dialogue that is so inappropriate is should be on Adult Swim.

A favorite, tiny part of  the series is Issei's  alarm clock, which I hope the anime director came up on his own as I enjoy it so much. His alarm clock switches from different stereotypical anime girls telling him to wake up, many of which are extremely violent with a lot of references of hurting his dong. The clock has a lot of animation for such a simple electronic device.

High School DxD is a simple fan service anime that crams in jokes as much as it crams it dirty pictures. There's a simple story, a really simple story that doesn't need much explaining. It was popular enough in Japan to have a second series, High School DxD New. Funimation should look into fan service and harem pack collections with how many they have out already. Perhaps, a beach or festival episode collection.