Saturday, August 3, 2013

Arclight Membership Changes Bad and Local LA Movie Theaters Ticketing Problems

There is some amazing cinema to see in this town, but getting tickets for it has gotten worse and the upcoming change of paid membership for Arclight hasn't made anything easier. I'm not going to back track over how there are only two real IMAX theaters in LA, the rest are "IMAX Experiences". Let's just go over internet ticketing and the worst sites to get tickets from and why not to waste $15 bucks on Arclight, even though I'll be reporting on some great events there having. Events that would be no different if you had paid membership.

Sundance Sunset Cinema's home page or schedule page is terrible to navigate for tickets unless you remember to always go to the upper left corner, click on buy tickets and then choose Sundance Sunset then click okay again to make sure you're going to the right theater ticket page . Now why doesn't the schedule page directly link to where to get tickets? Why does the schedule page highlight the movie's title for it to only take you to the Facebook page instead of that films ticket page? Terrible, terrible design for someone who wants to grab tickets.

The synopsis, picture and all the info for the film you get with American Cinematheque is great, but once you select tickets for any film you deal with Fandango and the service doesn't remember what film you just picked. This has always been bizarre, whenever you select tickets for a certain film you just end up on a Fandango page for the theater, not a direct link to whatever film you want. Odd and a time waster.

Downtown Independent. Update. Update the site. There is a blog link on the main site, the blog hasn't updated since 2010. Rest of the site is fine and easy to navigate.

If you're dealing with the general LA area Landmark Theatres site instead of a direct link to the films you have to go on the left and either choose the right theater and then choose the ticket logo and go from there or get lucky and sometimes a special film event might have a link to the time you want. Usually, when you click on a films name on the left it will take you to it's general page with just its info and link back to the general LA page.

The Arclight Membership changes coming this October seem mediocre at best.

-free ticket for your birthday
-popcorn upgrades 
-10% off at the café, coffee bar, and gift shop
-and much more 

current Member Benefits
  • $1 off each ticket purchased online
  • earn points for purchases and redeem them for concessions or movie tickets
  • special offers tailored to meet your movie going interests
"and much more" only begs questions of why you suddenly need $15 a year Arclight. It gets rid of the old system of earning points on purchases which gave way to earning free tickets and five bucks off credits. I'm not seeing anywhere for the new membership if members still get $1 off tickets when the order them in advance.

Adding more insult to this change is the circles you have to get into, before getting those benefits such as popcorn upgrade and 10% off for snacks and drinks only occurs after your 6th visit, then another circle must be entered where you visit 12 times for even more semi-nice perks.

Arclight unless you show off any amazing features I would say it's a worthless card and you're hurting a lot of loyal customers who have the option to go to upgraded AMCs in LA as nice as your theaters.