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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nisei Week 2013: Cosplayers, Manga and Magazines

 Little Tokyo Cosplayers were out and about with not only a contest in Village Plaza Sunday, but in the Nisei Week Grand Parade. They were led by the Akaju Girls band. Before that, many cosplayers came together in the JCCC Plaza outdoor area to relax before the Grand Parade. Cosplayers have become a norm in Little Tokyo on the weekends, not in huge numbers, but you might see someone out of an anime you like come strolling by. A few more might be in Little Tokyo next weekend with Blue Exorcist showings nearby and continued Nisei Week events happening.

The best part of the event other than the Master Roshi cosplayer was one of the cosplayers asking a bald man with a short beard and glasses if he was cosplaying as Breaking Bad's Heisenberg.

Anime Jungle showed off it's stuff with Ultraman scientists, the Black Power Ranger and a Kamen Rider in the Grand Parade.

Meanwhile, Kinokuniya book store had it's annual magazine sale throughout the weekend with all old magazines for only a dollar. The used book sale also took place Sunday with used books only for a dollar including some funny looking manga.