Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gamble House Not About Gambling, Tours Selling Out?

In the very surprised department you have your Editor-in-chief here at TTDILA with the Gamble House Tours selling out. I mentioned the tours a week or two back and LA Weekly just published a story on how well they're doing! The Gamble House has no notable place in history, but was simply owned by rich people, the gamble from Proctor and Gamble. The residence is now owned by USC. Referencing Downtown Abbey as the source of why the tour is popular, I'm still baffled by LA residents putting down $20 to go on a led tour, a tour where some of the house is closed for renovation. With so many other venues to learn about SoCal history from including the recently renovated Natural History Museum with tickets cheaper than the Gamble House I  question why anyone goes at all.

Here's a highlight

-See the original laundry sinks and coal room in the basement

Wow, laundry sinks!!!!!!!!!!

For any kids or teenagers out there, don't get stuck going to this, you will die of boredom. Literally, you will die of the sheer boringness of being in this house. A slow a painful death of talking a standing in an old house. It's not haunted and it's not a mansion with secret rooms. There's no great back-story. It's a house owned by rich people from the 1900's that has been maintained to look like it did from then. What is the appeal?

For those into Downtown Abbey the LA Weekly article even points out the tour speaks nothing of the servants, so it even falls flat at what might be promoting it.