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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

LA Links: Catch A Spy Satelite Before it Catches You

Hey readers!

A total blast of info coming at you with a rocket launch tomorrow that you might be able to catch from the mountains or the beaches. A new spy satellite "unconfirmed" will be going up at around 10:30am tomorrow morning. Billed as a monster rocket as it's one of the largest we use to blast things into space.

Monster rocket to blast off from Pacific coast, rattle Southland

Be prepared if you smoke pot legitimately to get hurt. The DEA has shut down armored cars from collecting from pot dispensaries. This could easily lead to some major attempts at robbery. It puts the surrounding community near the dispensaries in danger with attempts a robbery very high. The city either needs to ban them outright or come up with a better plan as this could hurt a lot of innocent people who have to suffer due to pot dealers being nearby to them. It's an obvious plan by the DEA to make these places look bad at a insane cost, human lives.

Marijuana: DEA Bans Armored Cars From Picking up Pot Shop Cash went to LACMA's  Ray’s and Stark Bar and sampled the pricey $20 water and compared it to other much cheaper water. Did they ever here of Bling Water, hope not.

$20 Bottles of Water: Why People Hate Los Angeles

The Hollywood sign was lit up on August 20th and 21st, why? Shouldn't it be lit up all night anyway, that would kind of make it look more iconic and give a nice beacon of hope for promising young up-starts in Hollywood. Two separate films have taken a sort of responsibility for it. One of them might just be piggybacking off the others filming. One is a David Cronenberg production and the other is about a photographer on the wild side with a film called Outlaw.

Hollywood Sign Lighting Mystery Solved!