Friday, August 30, 2013

Halloween 2013: No Racoon City For Us

Tickets are ready for purchase for Universal Halloween Horror Nights.

Sadly, we don't get Universal Orlando's Resident Evil Escape From Raccoon City or Cabin In The Woods SECTION.

"The experience includes encounters with Cerberus dogs, lickers, Nemesis and I'm all but certain there will be a lot of atmospheric fog effects whispin' around. There's even a room where the action will appear "paused," with characters frozen in place."- Capcom Unity.

This Resident Evil area takes from the games not from the worse and worse getting films. There's even a section that will be a paused battle during gameplay.

This comes from Universal Japan which had it a year prior. Over there now, they don't seem to have anything tied to video games.

Much sadness and weeps and snot running down our faces at no Cabin In The Woods section for our Universal. 

What it looked like in Japan.


 Zombies!  A new zombie mag is out now. I'd give you a link, but they don't seem to have any online presence. Above is there first issue. Strangely enough, Zombie Magazine already exists, but it's website has not been updated since April 2013.

More updates to come in September, so many more. There is so much to do for Halloween this year. I'll have break downs of theme parks, haunts, events and horror screenings coming up in the the next couple of weeks and a handy guide should be up on the right side of the site to keep you updated.