Monday, August 5, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Card Wars Real?, New Games and BP, Animal Crossing

Floop that pig! Card Wars is to become a real playable card game later this year. Yes, the same game from the episode with the same name Card Wars will be made real by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Cards based on the episode and new ones are due. As of right now it's a two player game game with a starter deck of two sets of 40 card. There will be over-sized landscape cards to simulate the battlefields or areas from the show. Rules wise, you'll be able to see half of your opponents deck during play.

In even more detail the game will have a interactive component from an iOS version of the game coming out from D3 Publisher with the use of code cards.

A unofficial version of the game is available for download online created by two Reddit users here


Coming this September from Briarpatch

The Everything Burrito Game

"Contents: 16 pieces of plastic food, 4 tortillas, die, sand timer, 48 cards, rules for several ways to play"


The Epic Gassy Jake Game

it seems to be a new take on not potato with the potato being a magical dog that will now fart.

 Here's (from left to right) Adam Muto, in-the-hat Pen Ward, Kent Osborne, Jeremy Shada and Olivia Olson in the Ice King Jail from Comic-Con

Glen Brogan shows off his Breakfast Princess piece from the recent Mondo art show

 My cameraman snagged Pen on his 3DS at the Adventure Time book signing Saturday. If you would like to meet Pen on your 3DS, he does play Animal Crossing and has a dream code. You can visit his town of Smelly with dream code: 4500-2305-5279

 via Tiny Cartridge huge Adventure Time fans in their own right.

Update: Futurama cameo this week. Jake meets Bender! Same voice actor time!