Friday, August 23, 2013

Halloween 2013: Curse of Chucky, Delusion In Silverlake and Dark Harbor's Circus

Curse of Chucky is heading straight to the home market? If there's any screenings in LA I'll be sure to give a shot-out. It's from the same original team and I have to write it looks like they did a great job from the trailer. Chucky looks all brand new and it's lost the bad jokes from the sequels.

Universal Horror Nights will have a scare zone, not a maze, but a scare area based on the new film. You might recall from the last Halloween update that The Purge will be having it's own interactive play downtown for Halloween, Universal is giving it a scare zone too. Based on The Purge an area where all crime is legal in the US for 12 hours or however late the park is open. There's also  a new mazed based on Insidious 2, The Walking Dead and the new Evil Dead.

Haunted Play Presents Ch.3 Delusion

Darn, I wish they used a quote from me. Have to put more quotable words in my review in October. Details are still scarce, but the venue has changes to Silverlake this year. This was in my top three haunts for Halloween beating theme parks.

Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary doesn't have it's full site up quite yet. They are telling of a new circus themed maze and something called a FerriSqueal. What demented circus wouldn't be complete without a freak show, cause they have one this year.  You can by a $50 pass right now to go into the horror park as many times as you like and it comes with a fast pass.