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Friday, August 9, 2013

Campfire Sessions and S'More Party Later

CAMPFIRE SESSIONS + PARTY; 08/11 & 08/18, Sundays
08/11// Jessica Lee Williamson
Winner of multiple Moth Story Slams and the Moth Grand Slam; featured on KCRW and the Moth Podcast, Jessica Lee Williamson, joins us at 7:30pm this Sunday for another unforgettable Campfire Session.

08/18// Sumi Ink Club (members of Lucky Dragons) & S'More Party
At 5pm on Sunday the 18th, we will meet to view S'more with fresh eyes and rekindled attraction. Drinks, debauchery, and S'Mores provided! This reception will last until our final story telling event with the Sumi Ink Club at 7:30pm. Opening up to the public first with a story telling event, S'more will reach its completion with this final Campfire Session.

The admission to the S'More Party is free; tickets for Campfire Sessions are $10 at the gate and directly support M&A and the artists. Refreshments, S'mores, and drinks provided.

1619 Silver Lake Boulevard, Silver Lake, CA 90026.
Campfire Sessions is a 5 night interactive storytelling and art performance series curated by Gordon Henderson and held Sunday nights in the newly constructed installation Project S'More small is more